The was a time when the White Americans were very proud, they felt to be at the top of the world. The American way of life seemed to be a model that every country should emulate.This helped to change certain mentality globally, i must admit.

The Americans commanded great respect on the world stage, as if they were “gods” to solve mankind’s problems.People loved their money, principles- call them democracy, liberty, freedom etc. Hollywood culture spread globally to promote American way of life. We could always hear from white Americans, that Americans were free people.

While Americans were promoting their doctrine of democracy, freedom, liberty, it happens that other Americans were living in horror, in cages imprisoned because of their colour , were being denied that very freedom that white Americans were promoting, were being killed and intimidated by white supremacy groups , segregated economically and socially.Hypocrisy has never been associated with freedom.

After decades of American leadership,  American principles, such as the concepts of democracy and freedom and other concepts that are rapidly being tested and rejected by the majority of the international environment, yet a  new principle was introduced by the Americans during the early 80s, which is now called globalisation, and was quickly adopted by western governments.This is one of the most dangerous world order, which do not only mean the legal stealing of economic resources, but  also mean using multinational conglomerates to control the country, resources and governments of weaker and developing countries.

The most recent principles that the Americans are legalising and imposing developping countries to adopt, is same sex marry, why? because they have estimated that it was the most civilised way to reduce world population. Another future concept that will fail is global warming a weapon to keep developed countries unchallenged economically.Hardly can one conceive that American and Europeans oil wells and petrol resources can be abandonned for the sake of global warming, if all these resources were of western origine.

These “White” American concepts must be questioned, first the failings of the American economy should be a pointer, white Americans who enjoyed all the benefits and their way of life, have eaten up their country to 20 trillion dollar bankruptcy.The military numbers of American military men are being reduced, its hard to modernise their military,i am afraid the next 10 to 15 years will describe America as an economic desert or past glory.

Uncle sam’s doctrines and concepts are thus a chaotic mess!

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