What is left about America (USA)

America used to be a country and a voice to the weak all over the globe, the voice that came from America were sweet to here, kind and generous, and interesting to give hope.

The king maker of the United nations used to be America, “the beloved” liberator and architect of human right and freedom. “Sometimes the most cleanest person you see outside, can be the most dirtiest person inside”

While America, occupied the world and the world’s problems, it happened that America failed to solved America’s racial problems, it also happened that the hope giver and human right liberator, failed to provide freedom to America’s minority.

Well, the great rooster who claimed America, is a country of laws and human right, but  failed to acknowledged that, the laws of America are racial stereotype.

I tried to examined what is then left in America that is of human value?, i found two things:

1) America claim that “in GOD we trust” The only trace that can be found of this claim is American charity.America are free givers, but such gift which are only designed to serve the media and public feelings, are not proper in the side of GOD, only people who give with GOD in mind are rewarded by GOD. GOD loves secret givers.

2) The second thing that is left in America which still captures people interest is “hollywood”.Because it pleases and entertain people. We think, this American culture will face future challenges, because the very freedom that they show to the world will only be described as hypocrisy.Minority’s rights are not respected in America, Minority are not free to walk on the street in America, Minority are not found in America’s administration, like police and justice which are reserved only for one race.It is free for a white to kill a minority. So what is this American culture of freedom all about?

Economically, America is dying, this future  economic situation which will happen in 3 or 5 years time, will produce, more hatred against minority, and more right wing leaders.

So how can America avoid such a situation?

The answer is “LOVE” to all Americans no matter their race, colour, religions or origin.If all Americans work together, they will be re-building the crumbling empire. But if America divide,it will be hard to restore capitalism.