The number of black people who have been killed by white people since the days of colonization and slavery has passed 500,000,000 yet no white man has been held accountable.What will the next world look like , after you must have passed away? No one have seen GOD ALMIGHTY at any time, but if GOD happens to be black, what will the white people say to HIM during their judgment? What if your life in the next world will depend on the will of the people you killed here on earth?
Remember, the people who are always rejected are the favorite people to GOD, just like the stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner Psalms 118:22, Acts 4:11, Matthew 21:42.

My advice to black people is turn to GOD and JESUS CHRIST, because the people of GOD cannot be loved by the world. The earth we live is just one world, other worlds exist, where there are no selfish interests, there are no economic interests, people are not judged based on their colour . THE HEAD OF THAT WORLD IS CALLED JESUS CHRIST!. Also note that Jesus Christ teaches us to love those who hate us, even those who kill our earthly flesh.