To understand and remember what you read, there are possibly many techniques to to so, but with people who actually find this type of task difficult, i got some simple ways which may be of assistance to your intellectual journey:

There maybe several ways & techniques of reading and studying, but most people study without knowing how to do so. Reading although, being part of intellectual task, might not be helpful, if it is not done in some organised manner using some strategy.

One strategy that might help people with some difficulties may be to start by:

Checking your study plans to know actually what you must study,

Secondly, know that studying has a direct relationship with all the words in a sentence or passage that you read, so when you are studying, get a dictionary and make every efforts to understand all the words you read through and their meaning.

Thirdly, try to internalize all what you read, this is very different from mere cramming. Internalize means to absorb an idea or the subject(s) so that they become part of you, while cramming deals with  learning  alot within a short time to write an examination.

When you cram to pass an examination, you just study to pass an examination but you’re not different in real terms from someone without a certificate , that is why there are many degree holders who are unemployed , because they did not make their career part of them, they did not study to know, they crammed to pass an examination.

To be a professional, one must study in a sensible manner, you try to read with a proper plan, internalizing all what you read, solving any problem relating to what you just read, reading different writers’ view points on the subjects you read.Noting as you read through the pourpose, strengths, weaknesses, differences  and the meaning of  the different concepts you come acorss.

Do not forget, intellectual work is never done in a hurry, secondly, studing require patience and calmness, and thirdly don’t read when you’re worry or angry about something.Let your mind be completely free.(Do not even try to think about your love or friends or any thing when you read)Be focused.

Was this of a help?